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Shit. What a great time for me to lose my job. Three days before I get my fuckin' paycheck.

Hopefully those shitheads still pay me.


What am I supposed to do now? I can't let Angel know... And our anniversary is right around the corner.


And the whole thing about Mimi... it seems like a stupid time to woory everyone with my stupid little problems when Mimi just... well.

Yeah. Looks like another day without AZT for me. Hopefully Angel hasn't noticed my pills disappearing and hers reappearing. I'd do anything to keep her around a bit longer.

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Aimee Winters


I've been so busy lately. Working double shifts and seeing James and trying to see Suzie within these last so many days has been tiring. What is a girl to do?

I heard theres this new chick that moved into the Mews. Or so I've heard. I heard that she's a very....very..oh whats the word I'm looking for. Wild? I think that's it. Very wild. James claims he saw this girl head into the Mews last night with Mark. Mark? What would Mark be doing with her? I'm just as lost as ever.

Oh well. Shit happens right? I best be off.
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I've had a pretty weird life but this past, like, week has been the weirdest. I don’t know what’s been going on, I went into a comma supposedly and the doctors thought I was dead and they told everyone and I have no idea if they still think I am dead or what. Good news though, my temperature is miraculously lowering and I’m feeling much better. They are giving me a dose of this and that here and there. So I think I caught a bad flu and new immune system just turned even worse. Got to go now though because I’m getting an exam.

Doctor Dimples


Weird. It seems to suit me at the moment. Everything has gotten really...messed up?

*Scribbled out paragraph--only a few words can be seen--Talk to Mark...Mimi*

I've been doing a lot of thinking too...I miss Mimi. Alot more than I can really say (Oh god, that sounds so cheesy....) and I know I care about Mark...but I dont love(?) him.
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Hello New York City...

So this is New York? I think I like Boston better. I'm staying at this place called The Mews right now. Don't know how long I'll stay though, it's kind of... I don't know. The guy who I rented the apartment turned his nose up at me until he saw I was loaded. I think he thought I was a prostitute. Actually... I think he still does. But apparently a very very good prostitute to be making this kind of cash. Hah, that's an amusing concept, me as a prostitute.

So, we all know how well I read people right. I saw this blonde guy. I don't know what happened, but whatever it was, it was bad. His hair was messed up, glasses askew, all that crap. Plus, it looked almost like he was pacing. Bad news in the department, huh? I've decided that I must take this boy and get him very very very drunk. He needs it. I can tell.


Faith had followed Mark to his apartment before and she knew where it was. She got there in a cool five minutes after leaving and locking her own temporary place. She loitered outside the room for a moment in her tight jeans and tight strapless black tess, curly black hair with the red highlight landing at her shoulders. She didn't want to scare the boy... yet. Besides, he needed this. And she was going to show him that.

She taped a small piece of paper to the door. The paper read : Dear all people who might be looking for the blonde guy with glasses that inhabits this apartment. He is out getting very drunk. You can join us at the bar down the street if you like. ~Faith&saidblondeguy

She knocked on the door, three short raps.
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Doctors Notice

At 8:21pm April 17, Two hours and 27 minutes presently, we kept our machines running and miraculously Mimi Marquez has began breath, leisurely, but gradually. We have called in connoisseurs to scrutinize her illness. To all associates and links that had to deal with the preceding news, we are remorseful for our miscalculation.

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*sighs*  I just got off the phone with Mimi's mom... I never want to have to go through that ever again.  I wanted so badly to be able to tell her in person.  I heard her collapse over the phone, and I just wanted to be able to comfort her.  It's almost as if my brain won't allow myself to believe that this really happened.  Why Meems?  Fuck... I just can't belive it... I know everyone's been saying that... 

Has anyone been able to get in touch with Roger?  I know he'll want to know, but I haven't seen him.  I wouldn't feel right being the one to tell him... that and I'm done with breaking this news to people... it's tearing my heart into pieces.  I can't stop crying... Mark trying to make me feel better and comfort me only made me cry harder.

If everyone's up to it, I would love it if you all came over to my house tonight for dinner... we're not going to mourn Meems, but celebrate the life she lived.  It would really mean alot to me, and to Mimi.  Just give me a call.  I'm just gonna go sit on the fire escape, if you come over, come outside.
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Mimi's *heavily scratched out* ...well she's *scribble*...she's gone. Dead. 

We got the news yesterday. Apparently she just stopped breathing...or something...

What now? A funeral? Someone should contact her family too...

She was so young too. I'll miss you Mimi darling.

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Well, what can I say? So much has happened, but in light of recent events, none of that petty stuff matters anymore. I just got off the phone with Maureen.. and she told me about Mimi. I can't believe it.. She's.. - Does Roger even know? Fuck. I'm can't just sit around here anymore.

.. I can't believe it.
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