☆ stephanie (simplyentangled) wrote in 3d_imax,
☆ stephanie

Mimi is gonna be out of the hospital soon! Finally! Im so glad she's doing better. She's been through a lot. I visited her and she seems to be doing okay. Get well Meems!

The other night when I went to go find Mark and Kara, Mark was with some girl. I think her name's Faith. She's new in town. She's very...uh...flirtatious? Is that the right word? She seems to have a problem with strippers. She says its wrong to sell your body like that. I get where she's coming from but honestly, if you're smart about it its not a big deal. Mark agreed with me. I mean Mimi is and me and Aims are and Kara used to be. I dont know what I think about her yet. I think Im gonna have to keep my eye out for her. Oh yeah and she says she can kick Kara's ass. Yeah, okay!

Im going to visit Collins and Angel. Yesterday was their anniversary and I didnt want to bug them. Hopefully Ang is doing better.


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