Mark... Mark. I'm Mark. (m4rk_cohen) wrote in 3d_imax,
Mark... Mark. I'm Mark.

Roger's been quiet all day. He hasn't even turned on the radio. I'm fucking worried - Roger and quiet haven't gone together since... well. I wonder if it has to do with Mimi. Benny says she's not doing good at all... something about only... a 5% chance to live or something.

*heavily scribbled out* AIDS *scribblescribble*


We're out of here in, like, maybe two more days. I'm starting to get used to this place. I'm not sure how the loft's gonna feel once we're back to it. I won't be able to steal anymore of Benny's sodas. Or watch all of his movies. And by the way, Benny, you don't have anything Orson Welles, what the fuck.

I'm off to work in, like, a half hour. I can't believe it takes me nearly an hour to walk to Buzzline. Well, from here, it's a hell of a lot closer, but from the loft it is. Ehm. Yeah.

... It's too quiet here. ... It's creepy...

April 17th, 1990
Five a.m., Eastern Standard Time
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