June 20th, 2006

In control - Faith

Hello New York City...

So this is New York? I think I like Boston better. I'm staying at this place called The Mews right now. Don't know how long I'll stay though, it's kind of... I don't know. The guy who I rented the apartment turned his nose up at me until he saw I was loaded. I think he thought I was a prostitute. Actually... I think he still does. But apparently a very very good prostitute to be making this kind of cash. Hah, that's an amusing concept, me as a prostitute.

So, we all know how well I read people right. I saw this blonde guy. I don't know what happened, but whatever it was, it was bad. His hair was messed up, glasses askew, all that crap. Plus, it looked almost like he was pacing. Bad news in the department, huh? I've decided that I must take this boy and get him very very very drunk. He needs it. I can tell.


Faith had followed Mark to his apartment before and she knew where it was. She got there in a cool five minutes after leaving and locking her own temporary place. She loitered outside the room for a moment in her tight jeans and tight strapless black tess, curly black hair with the red highlight landing at her shoulders. She didn't want to scare the boy... yet. Besides, he needed this. And she was going to show him that.

She taped a small piece of paper to the door. The paper read : Dear all people who might be looking for the blonde guy with glasses that inhabits this apartment. He is out getting very drunk. You can join us at the bar down the street if you like. ~Faith&saidblondeguy

She knocked on the door, three short raps.
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