May 18th, 2006

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I'm really worried about Benny. I need to visit him in the hospital. When Alsion isn't there that is. I just feel so bad. I really hope he's ok.

Anyway, I keep thinking that I need to do something about Roger. That I need to talk to him. But I just relized that I'm through playing games. I'm over him, he's too much of a baby to do anything about.

I need someone who will take care of me, be a man. Who won't hide in his room all day. Some like.... Benny

Anyway I'm Getting ready for work in a bit. I never relized how much it exhausts me. But most times it's just to fun.

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betty two

(no subject)

I heard something about Benny being in the hospital... what's going on? I haven't managed to grab a copy of the Voice today. Overheard Mimi say something about it... I hope he's okay. I guess someone should probably go find out. 

Other than that, not much has been happening lately. Things at home have been rather quiet and relaxed, which is a change. Not complaning, though too quiet is never a good thing. Maybe I'll stir something up tonight... *wink*
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