May 11th, 2006

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There's a new club opening a few blocks down. Me and the girls (Kara+ Suzanna) are going. I'm not sure if Angel is going or not. Got to call her about that one. I'm going to wear my tight leather shorts with my boots, I laid it out on my bed so I wouldn't forget. Kara told me the club isn't like the one we work at, I guess you dance to music and party. I'm excicted. I'm pretty prepaired to get waisted.

But right now i'm sitting on my -poor exucse for a kitchen- counter, trying to get the fucking spoon to heat up. I ruined like all my spoons. They all have ugly black sploches on them- burns.

i've haven't seen Roger in around a week. Not that i care or whatever. Him and Mark are probaly "together" now. I'll ask Kara. She'll know. Not that I care right? Yes i really do care

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