May 9th, 2006



((Ok, so I'm back. In a manner of speaking. I'm more of on the bubble. Scots_in_kilts and I have come to terms and the agreement seems to be that I'll get Benny back and he (I apologize now if you're a she) will play someone else, original or otherwise.

To clarify, I'll only get Benny back, Scots will play someone else and Discoapocalypse will keep Maureen.

If this is ok by everyone--especially the Powers-That-Be--post a reply here and let us know.))
betty two

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Today was rather dull. I haven't booked any gigs lately and I'm bored. I tried to hang out at the loft with the boys, hoping something over there would be more interesting while Joanne was at work, but it wasn't. So I walked down to the Life and grabbed some lunch before heading back home. Joanne's due home soon, which is good cause I'm in the mood to play if you know what I mean.
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