April 16th, 2006

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Aimee finally got in touch with James, in more than one way! We went over to see him and he appologized for not calling and stuff. He's been busy apparently with work and visiting his parents. Personally, I think he shoudl have called her but what do I know right?

Aimee also bought me a new outfit! She rocks! She said it was for listening to her bitch and complain about James this past week. I told her that she doenst have to buy me stuff to listen to her. That's what friends are for right?

Mimi isnt getting better. In fact, apparently the doctor said she has a 5% of living. I dont belive that. At least Im trying not to. Mimi is stronger than that. She'll pull through. I have a feeling.

I miss everybody. The only one I've seen lately is my Aimee. Everybody's just been so busy and we havent had time. Kara's dong something though, as soon as Meems is better. And Angel for that matter...

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