March 17th, 2006


Christmas!!!! Last night was soo cool. First Benny wants everyone to pay rent. ( ya not the cool part. ) Then, I saw the guy from up stairs while sitting on my fire excape. Later on i saw the same guys coming down the stairs from the roof. I told him i needed a lite (excuses excuses) and we talked and stuff. His name is Roger. Soooo Hot. I teased him a little *hehe* and we had some connection! This morning I left a note on his window to invited him for some x-mas brunch, but he never showed up :(. I don't get it, last night he was stareing me up. I wonder he likes me.... I wonder if he has.... Hmmmm.... Well i have to go to work, I'll stop by his house later and maybe bring some powder, and we can "connect." He he.