March 5th, 2006

lost | c/c: imaginary peanut butter.

No work...and I'm bored

I called in sick for work tonight. I'm just not in the mood for horny old men throwing themselves at me. But now I'm bored. I read for a while, then I had a bubble bath but it's only 8:43 and now there's nothing to do. I called Kara but I think she's over at Mark's. Maybe I'll go over to Meems and surprise her. Oooh I'll bake her a cake! *opens cuboards*...if I had anything to make one with. Damn. Maybe she will. I'll make one there. What are the chances that she'll have the stuff though? Slim to none. Oh well maybe she'll surprise me and she will. And if she doesn't then we can just hang out. Maybe she'll tell me more about this Roger guy...or maybe I shouldn't ask. Kara said it's complicated. Yeah maybe I shouldn't ask... Well I'm off then to go visit Mimi.
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