April 24th, 1990

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Angel's still asleep. I'm surprised, with all the racket I'm making. Good thing we were up so late last night, uh...yeah.

Anyway, I'm a bit nervous. What if she says no? I mean, I know we're only been together 4 months, but I love her so much, and I want to spend the rest of my life with her.

God. That sounded so cheesy. But it's true.

Sigh. It's amazing what this woman has done to me.

Well, breakfast is finally ready. Eggs, pancakes and toast. Not much, but I managed to make two sort of heart-shaped pancake...things.

I'd better go wake Angel up.
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Roger's still not talking to me. I dunno what's up. I mean, I hope he's not having second thoughts about *scribbled out*
Never mind.

We're back in the loft right now. God, this place looks like a dump compared to the Mews. It was nice, though. Being able to turn on the lights without them flickering every few minutes or something. Thanks, Benny.

Things have been ... weird lately. I dunno. Just weird. I was thinking earlier, too. I haven't gotten tested in weeks. I forgot, what with all this sickness insanity going on lately. And then... I dunno. I just haven't, really. I'm sort of apathetic about it.

I don't think that's a good thing.

... Oh well.

It's Collins and Angel's anniversary tonight, at any rate. Four months, I believe. You go, guys :)

April 24th, 1990
8:00pm, Eastern Standard Time
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