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((OOC: This community is kinda dead. Just a tad. Lol))

James changed his mind about me quitting my job. I get to work at the Cat Scratch as long as I dont get hurt or harrassed. Thanks to Suzie. How I love that girl. *laughs*

She is my guardian angel or something. She helps me out of my little holes. Yes, I bury myself in holes. Hah! ((OOC: Rent moment!! Lol!!))

Well, I must be off. I have nothing to do. I might spend time with Suzie.
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((OOC: I have been sooo busy lately. I am terribly sorry for not commenting on any post or anything. I've been busy with work. But I have three days off so far this week and will devote my time to this RP))

Well damn. Everything is happening so fast. I'm barely home now. Working double shifts (still!!) is not fun. I sleep when I get home. I get up and grab some food and go off to work again. I never have a break. Until now.

I feel like quitting. All those hours. My god! I saw James like once this whole week. And then this new girl (I don' know her name) appears out of nowhere. Who is she and what the hell is she doing with Mark? I need answers.
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I'll be out tomorrow, I'm feeling so much better, still sick, but much better. It's a miracle I’m alright. I'm still getting over it.
I’ve been thinking a lot lately. Laying in a bed for, I don’t know how long, you figure out things. I don’t really know but I’m actually glad I got sick, I got to figure a lot of things out about *zigzags and scribbles*
I don’t know. It’s just back home tomorrow.
I can’t wait to see you all

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Mimi is gonna be out of the hospital soon! Finally! Im so glad she's doing better. She's been through a lot. I visited her and she seems to be doing okay. Get well Meems!

The other night when I went to go find Mark and Kara, Mark was with some girl. I think her name's Faith. She's new in town. She's very...uh...flirtatious? Is that the right word? She seems to have a problem with strippers. She says its wrong to sell your body like that. I get where she's coming from but honestly, if you're smart about it its not a big deal. Mark agreed with me. I mean Mimi is and me and Aims are and Kara used to be. I dont know what I think about her yet. I think Im gonna have to keep my eye out for her. Oh yeah and she says she can kick Kara's ass. Yeah, okay!

Im going to visit Collins and Angel. Yesterday was their anniversary and I didnt want to bug them. Hopefully Ang is doing better.

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No power in the verse moving

Another day in the neighborhood

Rawr. The random getting drunk with the blonde (I think he's jewish, he seems it anyway) boy was going well. He was telling me a lot of stuff and it was good, until the girls showed up. THey all seemed to like... apear out of nowhere. I got sick of it and left. Well, let's try again. Oh, and his name is Mark.
*Walks to Mark's room* *knocks on door*
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Roger's still not talking to me. I dunno what's up. I mean, I hope he's not having second thoughts about *scribbled out*
Never mind.

We're back in the loft right now. God, this place looks like a dump compared to the Mews. It was nice, though. Being able to turn on the lights without them flickering every few minutes or something. Thanks, Benny.

Things have been ... weird lately. I dunno. Just weird. I was thinking earlier, too. I haven't gotten tested in weeks. I forgot, what with all this sickness insanity going on lately. And then... I dunno. I just haven't, really. I'm sort of apathetic about it.

I don't think that's a good thing.

... Oh well.

It's Collins and Angel's anniversary tonight, at any rate. Four months, I believe. You go, guys :)

April 24th, 1990
8:00pm, Eastern Standard Time
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Angel's still asleep. I'm surprised, with all the racket I'm making. Good thing we were up so late last night, uh...yeah.

Anyway, I'm a bit nervous. What if she says no? I mean, I know we're only been together 4 months, but I love her so much, and I want to spend the rest of my life with her.

God. That sounded so cheesy. But it's true.

Sigh. It's amazing what this woman has done to me.

Well, breakfast is finally ready. Eggs, pancakes and toast. Not much, but I managed to make two sort of heart-shaped pancake...things.

I'd better go wake Angel up.
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I'm starting to feel a bit more like me. I actually left the apartment yesterday and visited my Mimi. I'm so glad she's not...anyway.

I think Collins is hidding something from me. He'd been acting odd lately. It could be about our aniversary coming up. I wish I knew what to get him. I wish I had the money to get him something cause I've never loved anyone like I love him...