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aimee_winterrox [userpic]
by aimee_winterrox (aimee_winterrox)
at April 29th, 1990 (07:44 pm)

current location: Bedroom
current mood: awake
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((OOC: This community is kinda dead. Just a tad. Lol))

James changed his mind about me quitting my job. I get to work at the Cat Scratch as long as I dont get hurt or harrassed. Thanks to Suzie. How I love that girl. *laughs*

She is my guardian angel or something. She helps me out of my little holes. Yes, I bury myself in holes. Hah! ((OOC: Rent moment!! Lol!!))

Well, I must be off. I have nothing to do. I might spend time with Suzie.